All The Owls

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Everything Owls – to wear, to decorate with, to cherish, to put in your kitchen and garden. Literally… all the owls.

Why Does All The Owls Exist?

I like owls—a lot. I’m an owl collector from way back – close to 60 years now.

Too Much of a Good Owl Thing

At one point my owl collection took up four tall bookcase shelves. Granted, they weren’t library-width book shelves, but they were easily over a yard wide and almost a foot deep.

At one time I had owl glassware, owl statues, owl candles. Owl cups and owl saucers. Owl salt and pepper shakers, and more owl miniatures than you can shake a feathered stick at. It’s possible to have too much of a good thing, including owls.

Catastrophic Owl Loss – Owl Gone

One day after we moved to the Los Angeles area, our storage locker in our new apartment complex was forced open and emptied—by management—and everything sold at auction.

Turns out the office bookkeeper had entered our storage rental payment in the wrong row, so their facilities records showed that the space we’d been assigned was empty. Our stuff was squatting, and was summarily removed, including the painstakingly packed boxes containing 90% of my owl collection.

The office people said they were heartily sorry, but our suitcases, crates of books, winter coats, ugly Christmas sweaters, tools and mismatched silverware – everything we’d hauled down from Washington State except the wee bit we’d been able to unpack had been sold at auction. Including my owls.

One Remaining Box of Owls

So my owl collection was almost “owl gone.” Luckily I’d kept one small box with us instead of storing it, as it contained a handful of fragile owl finds.

So I threw myself a 15-minute pity party, and started all over again. Lucky for me, there are so many owls to choose from.

Whoooooo’s next?


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